Four Reasons to Hire 24-Home Care Aides After Your Mom’s Heart Attack

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Your mom had a heart attack a month ago, and she’s recovered from her surgery. She no longer needs home care nurses, but you’re worried about her being alone now. Hire 24-hour home care aides to help her continue to recover.

National Heart Month raises awareness of a very prevalent disease that affects hundreds of thousands of older adults. It isn’t easy to think about these things, but it’s important. It’s time to talk about the care your mom needs. Here are four reasons why it’s crucial.

It Allows Her Time to Ease Into the Changes She Faces

Your mom faces a lot of change now. She likely has a new diet to follow, exercise routines to maintain, and medications to take each day. Without support, this can be very stressful and hard to adjust to.

24-Hour Home Care in Purcellville VA
24-Hour Home Care in Purcellville VA

Her caregiver can cook meals for her, help her schedule the appointments she needs for follow-up care, and keep her house clean. She’ll be able to do what she can and have someone guiding her when it’s time to rest.

With home care aides available all day and all night, your mom doesn’t have to face these changes alone. She has emotional support and companionship as she adjusts.

She’s Never Alone at Night

The last thing your mom needs is to be stressed or anxious. You might be with her all day, but once you leave, her anxiety and fear increase. If you hire 24-hour home care aides to be there all night, she will have companionship, which helps ease her anxiety over being alone.

She’ll Get the Rest She Needs

After her heart attack and surgery, your mom needs plenty of rest. She can’t dive back into her old routines and bad habits. With a supportive aide by her side, she has someone to encourage her to rest and not worry about the housework, laundry, or other chores.

Someone Is With Her If Something Happens

You want your mom’s recovery to keep going smoothly, but setbacks can occur. If she has caregivers with her, she’s not alone if her medications cause extreme dizziness or make her nauseous. If she gets dizzy and falls, her home care aide is ready to help out.

It’s time to talk to an expert. Take notes regarding her recovery plan during a discussion with your mom’s cardiology team. Once you know, you can call a 24-hour home care agency and schedule services.

If you or an aging loved one is considering 24-hour home care in Purcellville, VA, please contact the caring staff at Assisting Hands today.