Four Challenges Male Family Caregivers Face

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More and more men are in the role of family caregiver every year, and they often find that there are some unique issues that affect them. Society as a whole can be a big part of the problem, especially when providers are more used to talking to family caregivers who are women.

Emotions Might Be Tougher to Share and Manage

Men are more likely than women to have a tougher time opening up about how they’re feeling and even sometimes just dealing with those feelings. That doesn’t mean that the emotions that caregiving brings up are different for either men or women who are caregivers. It does mean that if you’re a man and a family caregiver, you may need to be a little more conscious about how you approach dealing with your emotions.

Not Being Able to “Fix” Things Might Get Frustrating

Another aspect of caregiving that can get frustrating for male family caregivers is that desire to fix everything. Very often the situations your elderly family member faces aren’t easily fixable at all. Your job as her family caregiver is more along the lines of handling the logistics and helping to find workable solutions that at the very least maintain quality of life.

Personal Care Might Feel Like Too Much

If your elderly family member is a woman, that complicates things sometimes, too. This is especially true when your senior needs help with things like bathing and getting dressed. You might not feel comfortable helping with these tasks, or your senior might be embarrassed. Hiring home care providers to help with personal care tasks can make a world of difference for both of you.

Time for Yourself Is Still Essential

Like any family caregiver, you need to take time for yourself. Having time to rest and to do things that aren’t related to caregiving allows you to be a better family caregiver when you come back. Taking that time is not selfish. It’s what allows you to keep moving forward every day and doing the best that you can do for your elderly family member and for the rest of your family.

It’s just as important for male family caregivers to focus on their strengths and to get help when they need it as it is for female family caregivers. The task of taking care of someone you love is huge and you don’t have to go it alone.

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