Four Big Concerns You Might Have if Your Senior Lives Alone

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Senior woman in the kitchen.

Lots of aging adults live on their own and have very full and safe lives. But that doesn’t mean that the people who love them aren’t concerned about changes that might affect those decisions. If you’re concerned about your senior, these may be some of the top worries that you have and some ideas for making these less of a problem.

Physical Safety

Physical safety is a huge concern for caregivers of older adults. That’s even more the case if your elderly family member has health issues that make mobility more difficult or that impact her ability to be active. It’s a good idea to talk to your senior about a safety plan, including home modifications and other possible solutions. Bringing in Home Care Ashburn may be an excellent way to ensure that she’s as safe as possible.

Social Isolation

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Another reason for your senior to have home care providers available is that they’re excellent companions. Many aging adults don’t realize how cut off from other people they’ve allowed themselves to become until they start to experience the health impacts of social isolation. It can be difficult for your senior to open up to new people, but home care providers have experience offering gentle companionship.


If your aging family member is finding it difficult to cook, that might mean that she’s choosing foods that aren’t very nutritionally dense. As a result, she may experience something called malnourishment. This condition makes healing more difficult and it may mean that your senior accidentally contributes to her own worsening health. With home care assistance, your elderly family member can easily have home-cooked meals on a daily basis that give her the nutrients that she needs.

Neglecting Vital Tasks

There may be other tasks that your senior absolutely needs to be maintaining, such as bathing on a regular basis, that she’s skipping or neglecting completely. Some of these tasks may even be ones that your senior wants to do but doesn’t have the energy or the physical ability to do any longer. If she finds it difficult to ask for help, she may be struggling with them quietly.

Growing older is complicated and your senior may have some very strong ideas about how she wants to go about that process. If she’s determined to age in place on her own terms, that’s very possible for her to do. But she may benefit from just a little bit of extra help in order to do that in the best way for her needs.

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