Five Ways Your Senior Can Benefit from Elder Care

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Lots of times families wait to bring in help in the form of in-home care, simply because it seems like something that they “shouldn’t” need. But everyone needs a little help now and again. Here’s what this type of care can do for your senior.

Help with Personal Care Tasks

If things like getting dressed and taking a shower are getting more difficult for your elderly family member, elder care providers can help. It can be awkward at first accepting help with such personal tasks, but this type of care assistance is so common. Your elderly family member will soon realize that it’s okay to let someone else help her with these essential tasks.

Help with Preparing Nutritious Meals

It’s exhausting to cook. And if your senior is only cooking for herself, that could feel like wasted energy, believe it or not. It isn’t at all, and the irony is that not cooking or eating healthy meals regularly truly does rob your senior of energy. Elder care providers can make eating healthy foods so much easier on your senior.

Taking Care of Household Tasks

Elder Care in Leesburg VA
Elder Care in Leesburg VA

When your elderly family member is spending time and energy on household tasks, she may find that eventually those tasks take longer and longer. Or she may be more worn out at the end of the day than she should. With the help of caregivers, your elderly family member is able to spend her time and energy doing things that are more enjoyable for her.

Assisting with Exercise and Fun Activities

If your elderly family member has been cleared by her doctor to exercise, it might be easier for her to do that with a little bit of extra help. Also, it can be easier to get out and spend time in nature with the assistance of elder care providers. Having a good time and trying new things is very important for your senior’s overall quality of life.

Taking Care of Transportation Needs

All too soon it can seem that driving becomes either unsafe or something your senior no longer wants to do. With the help of care providers that she trusts, your senior can still get everywhere that she needs and wants to go. That’s a tremendous weight off of her shoulders and off of yours.

Elder care providers can quickly become your senior’s friends, too. That’s helpful if she’s been isolating herself or spending way more time alone than she really wants to spend.

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