Five Types of Routines Your Senior Needs

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Senior man sleeping on bed in the bedroom at home

If your aging family member is feeling out of sorts and unmoored, routine might be what helps her to recover. Here are just a few of the different types of routines that might help to support your elderly family member as she goes through each day.

Meal Routines

Many aging adults have a tough time with eating, for various reasons. Your senior may find it difficult to eat or to do all the heavy lifting involved in meal preparation. Having Senior Care Ashburn stepping in to help with meal preparation can be a huge assistance in keeping your senior eating as much and as often as she needs to.

Sleep Routines

Senior Home Care in Loudoun VA
Senior Home Care in Loudoun VA

Sleep routines are crucial for keeping your senior as healthy as possible. Doctors and scientists are starting to understand more and more about just how important sleep is for good health on multiple levels. If your elderly family member has interrupted sleep patterns at all, it can help immensely for her to get back into a routine with her sleep.

Movement Routines

Getting enough movement in is a variable that changes for every person, including your senior. As long as her doctor agrees that it’s safe for her to exercise, your senior should have a routine around moving more. That helps her to stay active consistently, which is going to give her the best results.

Medication Routines

Staying on target with her medications is also important. Some medications need to be taken at the same time every day in order to be most effective. Having reminders from elder care providers can keep your senior on track with taking her medications and with other health-related tasks, like testing her blood sugar or blood pressure.

Activity and Social Routines

Your senior also needs to have routines around socializing and engaging in activities that she enjoys. This is something else that senior home care providers can help your elderly family member to manage. Whether she needs help with transportation or with finding activities that she enjoys, they can be there to offer a friendly face as well.

Routines are a solid way to give your senior’s day, week, and life the structure that she needs in order to remain as healthy and as independent as possible. When your elderly family member doesn’t have gentle structure to her day, it can be a lot more difficult for her to get her needs met.

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