Five Tips for Making Sure Your Parents Have Stocked Kitchens

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Food insecurity is a problem in this nation. It’s especially concerning that more than seven percent of adults age 60 or older are food insecure. Do your parents have enough to eat? What can do you do to make sure their kitchens are stocked?

Buy in Bulk

When you’re shopping for yourself, buy in bulk and split what you buy with your parents. You may not imagine needing a 20-pound bag of brown basmati rice, but you and your parents could share it. Place what they’ll use soon in a reusable container and move the rest of the 10-pound portion to the freezer.

Bulk purchases are also handy for saving money on meat, eggs, and cleaners. Your parents can pay you for their share when you stop by to drop it off.

Look into Farm Share Programs

A farm share program might help your parents have access to fresh produce throughout the year. They pay a membership fee and get a certain number of pounds of produce each week or month. The produce is delivered from the farm to a local pick-up spot. Look up the farm’s options and pick the best program for their needs.

Stock Up During Sales

Learn to buy items when they’re on sale. If you see whole turkey breasts are on sale for 89 cents a pound, buy a couple of them. Your parents won’t need all of that meat, but the rest can be diced, put into freezer bags, placed in a freezer, and used to make other meals.

Vegetables that are on sale can be blanched and frozen to make them last longer. If there’s a sale on broccoli crowns for 79 cents a pound, stock up and take the time to freeze it for other meals.

Focus on Affordable Non-Perishables

Try to keep affordable non-perishables stocked up. While they may not be the most exciting food option, they last a long time. You don’t have to worry about items like pearl barley, dried beans, and brown rice going bad.

Dried beans are a good source of protein and fiber. Whole grains are also good for fiber and many B vitamins.

Hire Caregivers for Grocery Shopping Trips

If your parents often go without food or have limited stocks because they have a hard time getting to the store, arrange home care services. Caregivers can pick up groceries or take your parents shopping. A home care specialist is happy to discuss prices and other services that can help your parents age at home.


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