Five Things That Decrease Bathroom Safety

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National Bath Safety Month is the perfect time to discuss your mom’s home. Many falls in the house take place in the bathroom. There are simple changes that you can make to lower the fall risk. Here are five things that decrease safety in the bathroom.

Too Much Clutter

When there’s a lack of storage space in the bathroom, it can lead to safety issues. Your mom doesn’t have toilet paper space under the bathroom sink, so she stores it against the wall. If it juts out, she could kick it and trip. Make sure bathroom items have a place for storage.

A Low-Sitting Toilet

Many toilets are low to the ground. This makes it hard to stand back up after using it, especially if the knees or hips experience arthritis pain. Install a toilet that is higher up. Or, purchase a toilet frame that surrounds the existing toilet with sturdy handles to use when standing up.

A Lack of Safety Grab Bars

Senior Home Care in Ashburn VA
Senior Home Care in Ashburn VA

Install grab bars inside and outside of the tub and shower. Also, make sure there are grab bars installed near the toilet. Secure them to wall studs and not just the sheetrock.

Wet your hands and grab the grab bars. If your hands slip, your dad’s hands would also slip. Add high-grip tape to ensure his hands won’t slip.

Too Little Lighting at Night

Bathroom and hallway lighting is essential. Your dad gets up in the middle of the night to use the toilet. He doesn’t want to turn on lights, but he risks tripping and falling in the dark. Automatic LED night lights are ideal. They illuminate the necessary areas without being so bright that they wake him fully.

Slippery Shower or Bathtub Flooring

Non-slip decals on the shower or tub floor add traction. As alternates to these decals, a rubber bath mat with suction cups or paint on non-slip coatings also help.

The bathroom floors can also be slippery. Make sure there is a non-slip bath mat outside of the tub or shower to step onto after bathing. You could also look into non-slip vinyl plank or tile flooring that doesn’t get slippery and are waterproof.

Hire Senior Home Care

Schedule senior home care before there’s a tragic fall. If your mom is less mobile than she used to be or takes medications that cause lightheadedness, a caregiver can help her with the things she struggles to do on her own. Arrange senior home care services by talking to a specialist about services and prices.

If you or an aging loved one is considering Senior Home Care Ashburn, please contact the caring staff at Assisting Hands today.