Five of the Best Backyard Games for Older Adults

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An hour or two outside in the sun and fresh air benefits your parents physically and mentally. The sun gives them a kick of vitamin D, helping to strengthen the bones. The sun and fresh air are also soothing and can help ease stress.

While spending time outside, your parents can also get exercise and join others for an afternoon of fun activities. Here are five of the best backyard games for older adults.


Think of badminton as a gentler form of tennis. You have badminton rackets, a shuttlecock instead of a ball, and a badminton net. Players volley the shuttlecock over the net and win points if the players on the opposing team miss the shuttlecock or fail to hit it back over the net.

Beanbag Toss/Cornhole

Home Care in Dulles VA
Home Care in Dulles VA

Cornhole or bean bag toss started trending a few years ago, and it’s a perfect backyard game for older adults. You can purchase pop-up sets or build your own with some lumber.

The cornhole or beanbag toss goal is to get your beanbag into the hole or on the frame. Players earn three points for getting their bag into the hole or one point for landing on the board. The person with the highest score at the end of the game is the winner.

Bocce Ball

Bocce ball has been around for centuries. It’s a team game where players throw or roll balls down a court trying to get close to the small white ball at the other end. If another player’s ball is closer, the players can try to knock the closest ball away.

Points are awarded to the player that’s closest to the white ball. The winner is the one who reaches 16 points first.


Croquet is a game where you use mallets to hit balls through a course of hoops. You want to reach the post at the other end of the course and then make your way back to the starting point before the other players. Players can knock other players’ croquet balls to less favorable positions to try to get far enough ahead to win.

Ladder Toss

Ladder toss is another game where objects are tossed to a frame. In this case, you have a ladder-like rack with different levels that have different point values. You throw balls connected by a piece of rope and hope it wraps around one of the ladder levels. The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins.

Long-distance family caregivers can’t always be there to help out. You may be able to pay bills online and help your parents manage their money, but you can’t stop by regularly to socialize. That’s where companionship services from a home care agency are very helpful.

Have caregivers stop by to play games with your parents. Caregivers can help them with housework, do the laundry, and cook meals. A home care specialist can help you make the arrangements.

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