Exercises to Boost Knee Health in Seniors: A Guide to Low-Impact Workouts

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Maintaining healthy knees is crucial for a senior’s mobility. If your elderly loved one has arthritis or other joint-related issues, he or she should try these exercises to get his or her knees into better shape.



Exercising in water is beneficial for seniors with knee and other joint problems for several reasons. For instance, if the water is warm, it can soothe aching joints. Water can also support your loved one’s weight, which reduces joint strain. By encouraging your loved one to swim, you help him or her increase endurance and range of motion without having to do high-impact exercises that can cause joint pain.

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Regular bike rides can help your loved one build flexibility and range of motion in the knees. Cycling can also strengthen calf and thigh muscles, which will increase balance and stability. If your loved one is unable to ride a regular bike, the same effect can be achieved with a recumbent bike or pedal exerciser used indoors.



Encourage your loved one to take a daily stroll around the neighborhood. In addition to providing cardiovascular benefits, walking preserves range of motion and utilizes the muscles that support the knee, which can increase balance. It’s important for your loved one to avoid walking on rough or uneven surfaces to reduce the risk of falling. If your loved one lives in an area with large amounts of traffic or a lack of sidewalks, you might consider purchasing a small easy-to-operate treadmill so he or she can exercise in the safety of home.

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Chair Exercises

Knee-strengthening exercises can increase flexibility and stability, which reduces joint pain and the risk of falls. Seated knee extensions are easy to perform. Have your loved one sit in a chair with his or her back straight and feet on the floor about shoulder-width apart. Your loved one should then straighten his or her right leg out and hold for five to ten seconds, then repeat the process with the left leg. Encourage your loved one to do a total of ten repetitions with each leg.

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