Dealing with Embarrassment and Bathing

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If your senior is at the point where she needs help with bathing, you might have found that each of you has some reservations about the process. This is perfectly normal and it’s not something that either of you need to feel bad about. These tips can help you to approach bathing the right way.

Talk about Expectations Beforehand

Before you and your senior try to hop straight to bath time, talk about what’s going to happen. Make sure that you both understand what’s about to occur and that your expectations are aligned. Find out if there’s anything in particular that your elderly family member wants in order to feel more comfortable with bath time. Then be sure that you gather up everything you need before you actually start.

Give Her Reminders as You Go

When it’s go time, keep the conversation going. Talk your senior through everything before it happens. Let her know what you’re about to do and when you’re about to change positions, adjust water, or add shampoo or soap to the equation. This keeps your senior grounded in the moment and helps to avoid surprising her with something that she doesn’t expect.

Keep Modesty a High Priority

One of the aspects of helping your senior to bathe that makes it an embarrassing process is that she’s naked and this is a vulnerable situation overall. If you can remember to keep modesty a top priority, this can help both of you to feel a little more comfortable. Using towels and washcloths carefully can help to do this for your elderly family member.

Practice Compassion

There might be times in which your senior is more resistant than she is at other times and that can be frustrating when you just want to help her to bathe and then move on to something else. Remember to always approach bathing with compassion toward your senior. This isn’t something that she’s manufactured just to upset you. This is something she needs your help doing as safely as possible.

If one or both of you just can’t get past the uncomfortable feelings, it might be time to enlist some extra help. Elderly care providers can take care of bathing needs for your senior and they can often do so in a way that feels less embarrassing for your senior. That’s because they’re removed from the situation and they’ve got a lot more experience with situations just like this.

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