Talking to Your Senior with Alzheimer’s About Their Need to Bathe Regularly

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Elderly Care in Middleburg VA

Elderly Care in Middleburg VABeing a family caregiver for an elderly adult who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease can be an extremely stressful and overwhelming experience. By understanding what they are going through and taking the time to talk with them about their concerns and limitations you can reduce your stress and feel more confident that you are giving your aging parent the level of care that they need and deserve throughout their later years.

One of the greatest challenges that many family caregivers face when they are caring for an aging parent with Alzheimer’s disease is their parent’s resistance to bathing. Talking to them about this issue is an important step in reducing anxiety and making this process less stressful for both of you. Use these tips to help you talk to your senior with Alzheimer’s disease about their need to bathe regularly:

• Do not try to reason with them. There is no point in trying to explain to your parent the need to bathe. Alzheimer’s takes away their ability to reason and make good decisions, which means that no matter how extensively you try to explain the importance of good hygiene to your aging parent, they will not understand. By convincing yourself not to try to reason with your parent you take away the stress and frustration of trying to accomplish this goal.

• Create a schedule. Routines and predictability are extremely useful concepts for older adults with Alzheimer’s disease. Even if your loved one does not understand why they should bathe, they are more likely to go along with the process if you tell them that it is “time to take a bath” and ensure that you keep them on as close to the same routine as possible so that they can predict the bath and feel more in control.

• Give them options. Even if your elderly parent is in moderate stages of the disease, independence and autonomy can be extremely important to them. Giving them options and allowing them to make decisions helps to keep their mind engaged and reduces the sense of anxiety and loss of control common in this disease. Consider asking them if they want to take a bath or shower, or if they want to wait a few minutes. Give them different options for soap fragrances, towel colors, or pajamas to change into. This will keep them involved and make them feel less controlled.

If your aging parent has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, starting elderly care for them can be an exceptional choice for helping them to live the highest quality of life possible as they progress through their disease. This elderly home care services provider can be with your loved one on the customized schedule that you devise for them, ensuring that they get all of the attention, care, support, and encouragement that they need to address their current symptoms as well as the symptoms that change as they move further through the stages of the disease. When it comes to the need for them to bathe regularly and effectively, this care provider can help your parent understand your loved one’s resistance to bathing, create a routine that is right for them, and guide them through the steps for respectful, dignified, and effective care.

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