How Can You Help Your Elderly Loved One to Keep Her Spirits High When She’s Dealing with Arthritis Pain?

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Many people who struggle with arthritis pain find that they quickly become depressed or despondent due to their situation. You can help your elderly loved one to avoid falling into that same trap.

Help Her Focus on What She Can Do

For everything that your elderly loved one finds difficult to do now or that she can no longer do, there are plenty of other things that she can do. It’s important to focus on those activities and skills so that your loved one doesn’t lose sight of the fact that she hasn’t lost everything to her arthritis pain.

Encourage Her to Do Things She Enjoys

Being able to focus on activities and events that your loved one enjoys can help to bring her quite a bit of happiness. Even if some of the activities are more difficult now, such as cooking, she can still be involved quite a bit in that activity. Find ways for your loved one to still be able to engage as much as she can in what she loves to do.

Help Her Find New Hobbies

Your loved one might also enjoy finding new hobbies. Craft stores often have workshops in which they introduce new crafting methods to people. Another option is to check with local senior centers and see what types of activities and hobbies they have available. Keep looking until you find something else that your loved one enjoys.

Set up Plenty of Visits with Friends and Family

Sometimes being able to visit with other family members and friends more often can help to occupy your elderly loved one’s time and attention. One easy way to do this is to set up a group calendar online that your loved one’s family members can access. That way it’s easy to see what days and times your loved one is available for visits.

Help Her Find a Support Group

If your elderly loved one has never joined a support group for people who have arthritis, she’s missing out. Being able to talk to other people who are dealing with the same problem can help your loved one to see that she’s not alone and that she can still live a full life.

If your elderly loved one is still having trouble keeping her spirits high, talk with her elderly care providers about other suggestions that might help.

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