Elderly Care can Help Seniors Maintain Holistic Wellness

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The National Wellness Institute defines wellness as “an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence.”

It is a conscious process that evolves as people change and grow throughout their entire lives — it does not end with retirement! Wellness builds resilience and enables people to not only survive the tough times — but to thrive in them.

Wellness is divided into six different dimensions. Each dimension of wellness is important in every person’s life, although the importance of each dimension may be weighted differently in each individual.

Physical Wellness

Physical wellness is often what people think of when they think of wellness. Physical wellness deals with exercise, nutritious diet, medical status and general physical health and habits, such as smoking or drinking.

Emotional Wellness

Emotionally well people recognize and accept their own feelings, and those of others. They are realistic about their expectations from life, and understand that conflict and uncomfortable feelings are simply a part of life. They are able to appropriately express their own positive and negative emotions.

Occupational Wellness

Occupational wellness, sometimes called vocational wellness, essentially deals with how one spends — or occupies — his or her time. Often heavily focused on one’s chosen career, occupational wellness also deals with the personally meaningful ways an individual shares his or her unique skills and gifts with others. For retired seniors, occupational wellness often includes volunteer work or mentoring another person.

Intellectual Wellness

The intellectual wellness dimension includes creativity, problem solving and mentally stimulating activities. Intellectually well people continue learning and growing throughout their entire lives.

Social Wellness

Social wellness emphasizes social connection with friends, family and community.

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness recognizes the human search for purpose and meaning in life. To be spiritually well, one must live consistently with their own personal values and beliefs.

Religion refers to an organized or shared set of beliefs. Religion is not the same as spirituality. Religion may offer a source of spiritual comfort and wellness for some individuals, but for others it may not. Spiritual wellness is an important dimension of wellness regardless of one’s religious beliefs.

Elderly Care Services can Help Maintain Wellness

Elderly care agencies match professional senior care aides with older adults to provide a wide variety of services to help them live their best lives. These services are personalized and available on a customized schedule. Listed below are just a few examples of the many things elderly care aides can do to support seniors’ holistic wellness.

Elderly care aides can drive seniors to appointments and meaningful activities including:

  • Medical appointments
  • Therapy appointments
  • Gym, personal trainer or exercise classes
  • Church or spiritual pursuits
  • Classes or lectures
  • Museums
  • Concerts
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Elderly care aides can help with:
  • Pet care
  • Cooking nutritious meals
  • Encouraging fluids
  • Encouraging participation in home maintenance exercises prescribed by a physical therapist
  • Encouraging and setting up seated yoga or tai chi classes at home
  • Fall safety
  • Incontinence care, bathing and personal care
  • Companionship
  • Lending a friendly ear
  • Setting up and cleaning up hobbies such as painting
  • Playing cards or board games
  • Grocery shopping
  • Getting outdoors
  • Going for a walk
  • Tending a small garden

Contact the elderly care agency directly for questions about specific activities and scheduling.

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