Tips for Choosing Furniture Suited to Your Parent’s Needs

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Arthritis can lead to joint pain. Joint pain can make it hard to get out of bed or off a chair or sofa. That’s just one complication seniors find when they age in place.

Seniors have different needs to a younger adult. Mobility may be more difficult. Wider walkways and doorways are important. Seniors don’t need something in their way to trip on. Downstairs bedrooms are ideal to help avoid trips up and down the stairs. Check out these pieces of furniture that can make your mom or dad’s day easier.

Choose Seating With a High Back and Armrests

You want seating that your mom and dad can get out of with ease. High seating is better. Sofas and chairs that are low to the ground are hard to get out of. You want seat cushions that are firm. A soft pillowy sofa is easy to sink into, but it’s hard to stand up when you’re sinking down.

Make sure the chair and sofa have armrests. They give your parent something to old when standing up. If mobility is really challenging, a recliner that is motorized and helps your parent stand up is ideal.

Elder Care in Purcellville VA: Tips for Choosing Furniture Suited to Your Parent’s Needs

Limit Obstacles That Stick Out

Your mom loves the look of a canopy or four-poster bed. It’s not a good idea. Those posts may become an obstacle in the middle of the night. Your dad gets up to get water and hits his face on a post. He might fall, break his nose, or cut open his forehead. A bed with a headboard, especially a padded headboard, is better. Skip a footboard.

Look at other furnishings in the home. Is there a dresser near the door that juts out? Your mom or dad could catch a toe on it when walking through in the dark. You’ll want to make sure there’s an open path between the bed and the door to the bathroom and bedroom door.

Aim for Waist-High Storage

If balance issues arise, you don’t want your parent bending over to get something out of a drawer. Aim for waist-high storage. An armoire with higher drawers is better than under-the-bed storage.

Caregivers are another way to make sure your parent is able to get up and get active. Elderly care services include help with transferring from a bed or sofa/chair, personal care, and meals. That’s just a start. Call an elderly care agency to find out about other services.

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