How Can You Convince Your Senior to Become More Active?

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Your elderly family member may know that she should be exercising a little bit more, but she may not be aware of all the benefits. Some of these ideas might help.

Remind Her that Activity Boosts Mood

Many aging adults find that as they grow older, their mood and confidence sometimes take a bit of a hit. Your elderly family member may not be able to do all of the same things that she used to do and that can be painful. Adding even a little bit of exercise to your senior’s day can help her body to balance her moods much more easily. She may also be surprised to see just how much she can still do.

She Can Deal with Health Conditions More Readily

Depending on the health issues your senior is currently facing, she may want to consider upping her activity levels. Many health conditions respond very favorably to even mild exercise. Definitely make sure that the exercise your senior is interested in trying is alright for her to do at her current health level.

Activity Fights Bone Loss

One of the recommendations for battling bone loss is to engage in weight-bearing exercise. This type of exercise means that your senior’s weight is supported as much as possible by her own body as she moves. Activities like walking are in this category. Helping her bones to become stronger through exercise can slow down any bone loss your senior might be experiencing.

She Can Maintain a Healthy Weight Easier

Exercise alone won’t necessarily cause your elderly family member to lose weight, but moving a little bit more along with eating a healthy diet can help her to maintain a healthy weight. If your aging family member is intending to lose weight with exercise, it’s best to talk with her doctor about those plans. Starting out gradually can help her to stick with her new exercise plan.

She Can Stop Muscle Loss

Another factor of aging that might be irritating to your elderly family member can be muscle loss. As your senior is gradually less active, her muscles lose a bit of their tone and strength. Starting up an exercise routine can help your senior to not only slow down muscle loss but to rebuild some of her muscle tone.

Always talk to your elderly family member’s doctor about how much activity is right for her. Her doctor may be able to recommend specific activities that are perfectly suited to your senior’s health needs and existing health conditions. If you’re not able to be active with her, consider hiring elder care providers who can be there for her.

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