What Are Some Good Exercises for Older Adults?

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When trying to encourage an older family member to exercise more, the most important thing there is for you to consider is what kind of exercise they will enjoy. After all, if they find exercise a chore, they aren’t likely to keep doing it. In addition to finding a fun exercise, it’s also important to consider what is safe for the older adult and what they are healthy enough to do. If you’re looking for some kinds of exercise that are good for seniors, below are some options to try.

Exercise at Home

For some older adults, the easiest way to exercise is to do it at home. They may feel uncomfortable exercising in front of others. Or, they may not want to spend money on a class or a gym membership. Whatever the case, there are lots of exercises they can do at home. An Internet search can give you some ideas for exercises that are safe and easy.


Walking is another free option for seniors. They can walk along sidewalks and paths near their home or find a track or mall to walk in. Other than a comfortable pair of shoes, there’s no special equipment needed. It’s also an exercise that your aging relative can start slowly and build toward walking longer and faster.

Take a Class

There are lots of different kinds of exercise classes for your loved one to try. There’s yoga, Pilates, tai chi, and a whole host of others. Many exercise facilities offer classes designed for seniors. In fact, if the older adult has a disability, you may even be able to find a class tailored to people in a wheelchair or with other kinds of disabilities, like a chair yoga class.


Swimming is a great form of exercise because it combines cardio and strengthening exercise. It’s also good for people who have painful joints because it is low impact. The warm water of a pool may even soothe achy joints.

An elder care provider can help your aging relative to engage in the form of exercise they choose. The elder care provider can help them to find facilities where the exercise is offered or assist them in gathering the equipment they need. Elder care providers can also drive the senior to the gym or their exercise class. Or, if your loved one prefers to exercise at home in a simple home gym, an elder care can watch over them while they do to make sure they stay safe.


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