Easy Activities to Do with a Senior Who Has Dementia

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Older adults who have dementia have the same needs as everyone else, including having enjoyable ways to fill their time. Unfortunately, combating boredom can be difficult for people with dementia as their abilities are limited by the disease. If you’re at a loss for ways to keep your aging relative with dementia entertained, below are some ideas for easy activities.

#1: Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles can be a fun way to pass the time. Looking for the right pieces to place stimulates the brain. It’s also enjoyable to watch a picture take shape. One of the great things about puzzles is that family caregivers can choose easier puzzles as the disease progresses. Even the simplest children’s puzzles can be fun for seniors with dementia in later stages. However, it’s important to watch for signs of frustration and switch to a different activity if the senior doesn’t seem to be enjoying the puzzle anymore.

#2: Painting

Even older adults who never had an interest in art prior to their dementia diagnosis may enjoy painting. Art offers a way for seniors who have trouble communicating with words to express their feelings through creativity. Painting can also be a way to encourage the older adult to communicate verbally as caregivers can ask about what they are painting to start a conversation.

#3: Crafts

If painting isn’t interesting to the senior, crafts might be. Choose crafts that are fitting for the senior’s abilities. For example, in the early stages, the older adult might be able to do more complicated crafts, like assisting in building a birdhouse. Later, they might have to stick to something easier, like decorating a handmade card with stickers.

#4: Reading

Older adults with dementia eventually lose their ability to read on their own. However, they may enjoy being read to. Picking old favorites the older adult has read before can be enjoyable to them since the story will be familiar. Even if they cannot follow the story, they may find listening to your voice comforting.

Elderly care providers can engage your older family member with dementia in the above activities or any others they find enjoyable. In addition, an elderly care provider can take the senior on outings to relieve their boredom, such as a walk around the neighborhood or going out to a favorite café for lunch. Because elderly care providers are experienced in working with older adults, they can watch for signs that an activity is too difficult and find ways to alter it so that it is simple enough for your loved one’s abilities.

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