Don’t Let These Seven Situations Keep You From Arranging Elderly Care

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Your parents need help. You want to arrange caregivers for them, but you’re hesitant. You have the same seven worries that other people run into. Don’t let these seven situations keep you from arranging elderly care for your mom and dad.

You’ve Heard That Anyone Can Be a Caregiver

You see jobs for caregivers regularly. You’ve heard that anyone can work in those positions. While caregiving positions are open to everyone, elderly care agencies do background checks on those they hire. Most also provide ample training to ensure the caregivers are well-prepared to help.

You Work and Can’t Spend Hours Interviewing Caregivers

You don’t have a lot of time to interview caregivers. You need someone who is ready to get to work with minimal direction. When you hire caregivers from an elderly care agency, you don’t have to spend time interviewing.

The agency can pair your parents with a caregiver who is a good fit. If that caregiver doesn’t work out, you can always ask for a different caregiver.

Your Parents Have Pets That Are Hesitant Around New People

Your mom and dad have a small dog that is shy around new people. If you tell the agency about the dog, measures can be made to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Your parents may need to keep the dog in a separate room or crate until the dog gets to know the caregiver.

They Fear Losing Their Independence

Your parents worry that they lose all independence if someone is helping them. Caregivers help maintain independence. They’re not there to take independence away.

You Worry That They’ll Clash With Their Caregivers

You worry that your parents will hate their caregiver and refuse to cooperate. You worry about the clashes that will come.

Your parents may be nervous at first. Caregivers will work with them. As they get to know their caregivers, they’ll enjoy having a friend stopping by.

You’re Nervous About Having a Stranger In Their Home

Caregivers from an agency undergo background checks. Many test for drugs, too. In addition, insurance policies are in place when you use an agency caregiver.

They’re on a Tight Budget

Most people have to pay for elderly care services from their savings and retirement income. Worries about the cost can be overwhelming. Don’t let fears of the cost keep you from arranging services for your parents. Call an elderly care agency to learn what local caregivers cost and go from there.

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