What Lifestyle Changes Can Your Senior Make to Help Them Cope with COPD

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COPD, or chronic pulmonary obstructive disease, is a potentially serious health issue that can impact your senior in a variety of ways. Unlike some other health problems that have largely isolated symptoms, the way COPD impacts your parent’s body can influence their functioning and health from many angles. This makes it extremely important to not only think about the medications your parent may take and the treatments the doctor recommends, but also the ways they can modify their life to address the issues of COPD, and preserve their health better as they age in place. As a family caregiver, you can help your aging loved one better cope with COPD by encouraging them to make some lifestyle changes that could help their lungs and the rest of their body.

Some lifestyle changes your senior can make to help them cope with COPD include:

  • If they smoke, encourage them to quit immediately. Every day they don’t smoke reduces their risk and improves their health
  • Pay close attention to their air quality. Make sure cleaning their home includes cleaning the air, such as using high quality air filters in their climate control system, and considering deep cleaning for their duct system
  • Replace harsh and potentially irritating chemicals in their cleaning routine with natural options that do not irritate their lungs when breathing the fumes
Caregivers in Sterling VA: What Lifestyle Changes Can Your Senior Make to Help Them Cope with COPD
Caregivers in Sterling VA: What Lifestyle Changes Can Your Senior Make to Help Them Cope with COPD

Help them monitor the outdoor air quality in the area around them and discourage them from going outside when the air quality is poor

  • Take steps to protect their health, including practicing aggressive germ control
  • Encourage them to eat a balanced, healthy diet that gives their body everything it needs to thrive
  • The emotional impact of COPD can be difficult, and encouraging your parent to seek out support to deal with emotions such as fear, anxiety, depression, and loss of motivation can make it more likely your parent will take care of themselves, and support a more fulfilling lifestyle even as they deal with these health challenges

The completely customizable nature of home care means you can feel confident as a family caregiver no matter what your aging parent is facing. Even if they are dealing with health issues that are progressive and likely to increase or worsen over time, having access to an in-home senior care services provider means their care will increase and modify according to your loved one’s needs. This allows your senior to stay healthy and safe, and enjoy their quality of life as they age in place. As a family caregiver, making home care a part of your seniors life early in your care journey is a way to help both of you experience less stress, better mental and emotional health, and a more fulfilling lifestyle while still keeping you at the forefront of your parent’s care.


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