What Do You Want from a Personal Alarm System for Your Aging Adult?

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Personal alarm systems can help your aging adult to feel safer no matter where she is and they can help you to feel more secure as her caregiver. Different systems offer different features, so it’s important to sort out what you need.

Your Senior to Be Able to Call for Help

Some of the simplest personal alarm systems are just that. They allow your senior to press a button to let someone know that she needs assistance. Some include a speaker that allows your elderly family member to talk directly to someone at the alarm company. Others may place a call to you raging adult to determine what sort of help she needs.

Advanced Fall Detection

More advanced systems use a sensor within a pendant or wristband that sends a signal when it detects that your aging family member may have fallen. Again, these may prompt the alarm company to call or use an intercom-style system to determine what to do for your aging adult.

Remote Medical Monitoring

Another feature that you and your aging adult might find handy is one that helps to monitor her health remotely. The types of monitoring might vary, but could include temperature, blood pressure, and other vital statistics. If the monitoring detects something out of range, the monitoring company might contact you or your senior’s doctor.

Remote Activity Monitoring

Depending on your senior’s health conditions, you might want to be able to monitor her activity. This is usually done with webcams or with motion detectors that can help you to see what your senior is doing on a daily basis. This type of monitoring can feel intrusive to your aging adult, so make sure that you talk through the pros and cons with her before choosing this option.

Home Security Services

Some of the best types of personal alarm systems combine multiple features above with traditional home security monitoring. This can help you to ensure that your aging adult is covered in the event of all sorts of potential problems.

Finding the right personal alarm system for your aging adult means looking for features and services that fit her needs and your concerns.

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