Handling the Cold Weather as a Family Caregiver

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As a family caregiver, there are certain things you need to watch out for. One of these things includes taking your loved one out in the cold weather. The colder weather hits senior citizens harder than it does younger adults. There is more of a risk of them getting injured if they fall out in the ice and snow. However, there are some safety tips for handling the cold weather as a family caregiver.

Keeping Warm

The number one tip for handling the cold weather as a family caregiver is making sure that your elderly loved one keeps warm. They need to dress for the cold weather. Make sure your loved one is wearing comfortable, but warm clothing including coats, hats, and gloves. The more areas they have that are exposed to the elements of the cold weather, the higher the chance they have of getting sick. In addition, make sure that your elderly loved one stays warm will help to prevent hypothermia, as well. If the heating system inside the home is not adequate consider utilizing a portable heating device, such as a halogen heater.

Preventing Falls

Many elderly adults fall in the colder months. This is due to many things including icy grounds, cold weather making them feel weaker, and not wearing slip-resistant shoes. You and your loved one’s caregivers can help them to prevent falls. Make sure they have slip-resistant shoes, spikes for their shoes and boots, and someone to hang onto as they are walking. This will help them to stay more steady as they are walking in the colder months, especially if there is ice outdoors.

Keeping Active

You should also make sure that your elderly loved one keeps active. During the cold-weather months, it can be difficult to get your loved one outdoors to do a lot. However, there are many things that you and your loved one can do indoors. There are activities such as exercising, puzzles, walking indoors, and other things that you and your loved one can do. Keeping your loved one physically active can also help them to get through the colder months with a better physical and mental state.

These are some of the tips for handling cold weather as a family caregiver. Keep in mind that the cold months can be some of the most difficult months to get through. You can bring in professional caregivers to help take care of your elderly loved one, so that you can get a break when you need it. With that being said, using these tips can help your loved one to stay warm, stay safe, and most of all stay happier in the colder months.


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