What Can You Do to Help an Elderly Loved One Who Is Feeling Lonely?

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Nobody enjoys feeling lonely, especially your elderly loved one. You and she can work together to do something about her feelings of loneliness, however, so that she doesn’t have to spend so much of her time isolated.

Help Her to Feel Useful

If your loved one is already feeling lonely, chances are good that she also doesn’t feel very useful or helpful. There’s almost always something that your elderly loved one can do to volunteer in her community, church, or other organization. Ask your loved one if she’s interested in volunteering anywhere and then figure out what you need to do to help make that happen.

Encourage Her to Amp up Her Social Life

Your elderly loved one may need some encouragement to get her social life going, but it can do her a world of good. Look for groups or activities that your loved one might be interested in joining, such as a book club or a group that engages in some type of hobby she enjoys. This means that your loved one is more likely to meet people who share her interests.

Listen to Your Loved One

Sometimes your elderly loved one may feel as if she isn’t heard as much as she could be. Try sitting down with your loved one as often as you can and ask her questions about her history. You may hear family history that you’ve never heard before. This is a great time to explore your loved one’s knowledge before she’s no longer able to share that information.

Line up Companionship if She’s Alone a Lot

As your loved one’s family caregiver, you’re probably with her quite a bit. But you may not be able to be with her as much as you’d like. That’s why lining up visits from other family members or even senior care providers can give your loved one the companionship that she may be missing out on. Schedule visits for days that work for her and make sure she’s not overwhelmed.

Talk to your loved one about how she’s feeling. Let her know that you want to help her to feel less isolated and alone.

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