Three Steps to Take Before a Senior Falls

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Many people take steps to create a safer, more comfortable home for an elderly family member after they’ve fallen and been injured. After all, if somebody has slipped and fallen, broken their leg or hip, and will require a walker, possibly a wheelchair, or personal assistance to get out of bed and walk around the house, those are some significant changes that need to be addressed.

However, there are steps you can take right now before that elderly family member, friend, or other loved one actually falls and is injured. Here are three steps to take before accidents occur.

Step #1: Encourage him or her to exercise.

Some seniors believe there’s no point in exercising any longer. After all, they keep losing strength every year. What would be the point in exercising?

Exercise helps to maintain whatever muscle they have. They aren’t going to be developing new muscle, but they can certainly slow the progression of muscle loss through regular exercise. Also, through exercise they help to strengthen their balance and get their heart stronger. That can be incredibly beneficial for their safety into the future.

Step #2: Get a medical alert device.

There are plenty of options when it comes to medical alert devices today. Some seniors don’t think about these until they fall for the first or second time. They may get away without any serious injuries, and they certainly may feel lucky, but there’s no reason to wait for that first fall to happen.

Anyone in their 70s or even in their 60s, may qualify for a medical alert device. In the event they find themselves feeling uncomfortable or in a compromised situation, especially where they feel their safety is at risk, they should call for help. If they fall, even if they don’t think they were seriously injured, they may prefer to alert emergency personnel just to be safe.

Step #3: Strategically place phones throughout the house.

More and more homes today are going away from landline phones, but these are essential for elderly individuals. If the power goes out, a cell phone or VoIP phone (a phone that is connected through a cable provider or some other system other than the traditional landline) may not work. Cell phones will work for a while, possibly, but there’s no guarantee.

Landline phones are best for those who may need to call for emergency assistance at any time, including during a power outage. Make sure phones are placed throughout the house. Have them in the kitchen, by the counter, at the kitchen table, next to the refrigerator, in the bedroom next to the bed, in the bathroom, in the living room, and so
on. If the senior finds himself or herself in a potentially compromised situation, they can call family, friends, neighbors, or emergency services at any time of the day or night.

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