Can You Recognize When Your Elderly Loved One Needs Help?

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Caring for your elderly loved one can be quite difficult. There may be many different challenges that come your way. Many of these have to be dealt with quickly. You may have trouble figuring out what your elderly loved one needs help with. This is normal for family caregivers, especially if you are new to taking care of your elderly loved one. Before things come up, it would be good if you knew how to recognize when your elderly loved one needed help.

Getting Lost When Going for Walks

Did your elderly loved one get lost when they went for a walk? Maybe they had to use their cellphone to call you because they got lost. They may not have called you, but someone saw them and got worried about them, so they called the police. If your elderly loved one is getting lost when going for walks, they probably need you or an elderly care provider around more often to care for them.

Piles of Bills

Elderly Care in Ashburn VA
Elderly Care in Ashburn VA

Another sign that your elderly loved one needs more help is if they have piles of bills on their countertop or table. When someone quits paying their bills, pays their bills late, or forgets whether or not they have paid a bill, this is a sign that they need help with their finances. You might need to hire elderly care providers to remind your loved one to pay bills. You might need to set up a joint checking account with your elderly loved one to ensure the bank account doesn’t get overdrawn.

Less Personal Hygiene

Have you noticed that your elderly loved one isn’t taking great care of their personal hygiene? Maybe the last time you were at their house you noticed your elderly loved one’s hair wasn’t brushed. You may also have noticed that they were wearing the same clothes 3 days in a row when you talked to them via video calls. If these things are happening, your elderly loved one might need someone to help do their laundry, pick out their clothes, or remind them to get changed.


Have you noticed any of these things with your elderly loved one? If you have, then it may be time to get them more help. This might include you going over to their house multiple times a week to help out with certain tasks. If you can’t make it over there as much as they need, you can also hire elderly care providers to lend a hand. These providers can do or help with multiple tasks for your elderly loved one.

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