Are Food Cravings Undermining Your Senior’s Healthy Eating Habits?

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Is your senior experiencing any food cravings? If she’s recently changed some of her eating habits, she may be finding that some food cravings are a little more common for her.

Keeping Really Problematic Food Out of the House Can Help

Something that has worked for dieters for ages is to just keep really problematic foods out of the house entirely. But if there are other people in the house who enjoy those foods, that might not be an option. Your elderly family member may need to make a concerted effort to avoid the food in question, especially if it’s one that could be especially damaging to her health.

Distractions Sometimes Help with Food Cravings

Distraction can sometimes be effective in all sorts of situations, including food cravings. If your elderly family member starts to feel an urge to grab a food she doesn’t really want to be eating, she may want to have a list of activities ready to go. Maybe she’ll have a glass of water instead or take a walk around the block. Often if the distraction is a good one, she might be able to dodge the craving altogether.

Journaling Can Help Her Understand the Craving

If your elderly family member is particularly troubled about continuing to crave a food she doesn’t really want to eat, she may find that journaling about that craving can help. There may be feelings she needs to work through about that craving or the food in question. Writing down her feelings can also help her to see whether there are any triggers contributing to her craving. That in itself can help her to get a handle on the situation.

Would a Little Taste Hurt?

Something for her to consider, possibly with the help of her doctor, is whether a little taste of the food in question would really be so bad. If it’s something like a sugary snack and she’s diabetic, then the answer may very well be yes. There may be a way to provide an alternative that is almost like what she’s really craving. But if the answer is that it wouldn’t hurt, she might find that just a small amount can whip the craving into shape very quickly.

As your senior’s caregiver you want her to eat healthy foods, but that isn’t possible every single moment of every day. No one eats a perfect diet, and your senior may not have to, either. It’s all about moderation in the end.

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