A Home Security System May Improve Safety for the Senior in Your Life

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When people think about a home security system, what do they generally focus on? Break ins, right? The majority of Americans probably equate a home security system with preventing a break in, but with advanced technology, a home security system can offer a lot more than just protection against burglars.

For example, the safety of some seniors may improve with a home security system. One of the most vital components of a modern home security system is the ability to reach out and connect with emergency services with the touch of a button.

Or even voice activation.

Consider that for just a moment. In the old days, long before these modern technologies were up-and-coming, a person had to call the local police department if they suspected a break in or had a different type of emergency. What if that individual couldn’t make it to the phone? Then, somewhere in the 1980s medical alert devices became popular. If the elderly person slipped and fell and injured themselves, couldn’t make it to the phone, they could simply depress a button on that device they wore around their neck. Then, some technology allowed them to merely pull on the device, in case they couldn’t actually find the button.

Now, artificial intelligence can determine if a senior is no longer moving.

Some home security systems are motion activated. They can even detect when the homeowner gets out of bed in the middle of the night and, if they stop or movement ceases in the bathroom for an extended length of time, the monitoring station can be notified who can then call for a welfare check on that aging senior.

When it comes to home security systems today, there’s a lot more they do than just watch the doors and windows and alert when one of them are opened at the wrong time.

In fact, some home security systems can control lighting throughout the house. A lot of this can be installed without wires, which is a huge benefit for many people, regardless of age.

Imagine that elderly person having the lights turned on for them when they get up in the middle of the night. They don’t have to fumble around with a lamp on the nightstand or hope they can reach the light switch before turning on the light in their bathroom or bedroom.

Home security systems can help keep seniors safer because of the advancements that have been designed into them these days.

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