A Day in the Life of a Senior Who Needs Care After a Stroke

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After your dad’s stroke, what will he need help to complete each day? Much of this comes down to the severity of the damage to the brain. For the first few weeks, he may be transferred from the hospital to a rehabilitation unit where he works with occupational, speech, and occupational therapists to relearn speech, movements, and control.

Once he’s back at home, there are things he will need help with. Here’s a look at a typical day caring for a parent after a stroke.

Morning Routine

Home Care in Middleburg VA
Home Care in Middleburg VA

If your dad uses a wheelchair or walker now, he needs help getting out of bed. That’s your first task of the morning. He will probably need assistance in the bathroom as well, which is where a home care provider would be especially beneficial. Helping a senior parent with personal care tasks can be very awkward for everyone, so bringing in a home care provider can ease that situation tremendously.

Cook and help him with breakfast. If he needs you to feed him, do that. If he can manage the utensils on his own, sit with him while he eats. If he has any morning medications, they should be taken as directed either before or after the meal.

Once he’s eaten, you can help him shower and get dressed. If your dad has exercises to complete, guide him through those, and have him shower after. Brush his teeth for him if he can’t do it on his own.

Afternoon Chores

In the afternoon, your dad may want to nap. While he does that, you can focus on to-do list items like laundry, dusting, and vacuuming. Schedule appointments and confirm any appointments that are coming up in the next week.

Your dad will likely have exercises to do. If he’s working with therapists, he may need to do some chair exercises, work on speech, or focus on precise movements and skills like using a zipper, buttoning a shirt, or picking up something that’s dropped.

Evening Tasks

It’s time for dinner. Make sure your dad chews and swallows appropriately, and help him drink his beverage. Once he’s done eating, help him clean his face and hands. He can sit and watch a movie, TV show, or work on his hobby while you clean the kitchen.

Dishes have to be washed, dried, and put away. Leftovers have to be packaged and moved to the refrigerator or freezer. Finally, you need to wipe down all counters and surfaces.

When it’s bedtime, he needs to take any prescribed evening medications. He needs help brushing and flossing his teeth. Help him on the toilet if required. You may need to help him move from his wheelchair to his bed.

Caring for a parent after a stroke requires attention to detail and has you doing things you’re not trained to handle. Make sure you do not overwhelm yourself. Hire home care aides to help you with things that are harder to manage.

Your dad has a stroke and needs someone to bathe him. It’s often more comfortable for both of you to rely on a professional for personal care and bathing tasks. Don’t feel disappointed if you can’t do it all. It’s better to hire home care aides to help out than to take on too much.

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