6 Winter Tips For Seniors

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Portrait of happy senior couple at winter outdoors

Winter can be a beautiful season, filled with some of the best views. Some of us even dream of waking up to a snowy morning during the holidays. However, this time of year can be brutal for seniors. It is the job of home care assistance to ensure the seniors are comfortable from day to day, but you can help too.

Learning these tips to help keep the winter chills down will make your senior happier and more comfortable. When you live in a state that gets all four seasons, you will start taking the precautions early for your senior. If you and your loved one have never lived in a state where winter is harsh, you may have to do much less prepping than others. Check out these tips to keep your seniors warm and healthy this winter.

Dress Warm

You may think this is the easiest step, but the truth is that some seniors may forget. It can be important to have home care assistance help a senior dress appropriately or remind them of the weather. Dressing warm and in layers will be crucial for a senior, especially if they decide to take walks outside. During wintertime, the senior should have a pair of comfortable waterproof boots. This will help keep their feet warm.

Invest In Wool

Home Care Assistance in Sterling VA
Home Care Assistance in Sterling VA

Wool is a material that can help create natural insulation, meaning it will keep the senior very toasty. If your loved one doesn’t have wool socks, hats, or gloves, it is time to invest in this material. It can be a bit more expensive than other material but it is worth the extra price. It is a sure way to keep warm on a chilly day.

Think About Seasonal Depression

Sometimes seniors can get depressed during winter. This is called SAD or seasonal depression. If things don’t clear up on their own, home care assistance should consider taking the senior to the doctor for extra help. Many people get depressed during certain seasons and it is something a senior should be focused on to stay mentally healthy.

Continue To Eat Healthy

Home care assistance and a doctor will always encourage a senior to eat healthy. This can also be helpful during the winter. Certain foods contain plenty of vitamin D and calcium which is what a senior would be getting from going outside. It is crucial to add these foods into a diet. Try things like dark green vegetables, almonds, eggs, and salmon.

Have Home Care Help Prep The Home

Before winter starts home care should try to help winterize a seniors home to help keep them warm, or they can encourage a seniors family to hire someone. Cleaning out the gutters, having the heating system serviced, and setting up an alternative heating source can all be great steps to take.

Have Home Care Assistance Drive

Driving on the road in icy conditions can be detrimental and not safe. When a senior is older this can become a risky decision and home care assistance can drive safer. If the senior has any upcoming appointments it will be better to allow a caregiver to drive.

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