5 Ways to Keep Your Dad from Falling

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As your parents age, one of the concerns you may have about their health is the risk of them falling. As you may know, a fall can result in serious injury for an older adult. They could break a wrist, arm, or even their hip. Falls can also cause head injuries, and in some cases, lead to permanent disability. But, when you take steps to help prevent your elderly parent, you can relieve your worries and theirs. Below are 5 things you can do to reduce the chances that your parent will suffer a fall.

#1: Secure or Remove Loose Rugs

Loose rugs can move when the older adult steps on them, causing a fall. They can also cause them to trip if they catch a toe on the edge of the rug. To prevent your aging parent from falling over a rug, it’s a good idea to remove them from the home. If your parent objects to getting rid of their throw rugs, securing them to the floor with tape made for that purpose.

#2: Get Rid of Clutter

Some older adults keep stacks of magazines or newspapers next to their favorite chair. While this might make them easy to reach, the stack can easily tip over and spill into the walkway, posing a trip hazard. Other items, like shoes left where they were taken off, can also cause your older family member to trip. By promptly putting old magazines and newspapers into the recycling, there’s no need to worry about your parent tripping over them. Also, make certain things are kept picked up and never leave things on the stairs.

#3: Increase Physical Activity

When your parent spends too much sitting and doesn’t exercise, their muscles will get weaker, which increases the risk of falling. By exercising regularly, older adults can keep their bodies strong and maintain better balance.

#4: Add Grab Bars and Rails to the House

Installing grab bars around the shower and toilet can prevent a fall by giving your parent something to hold on to when getting in and out of the shower and using the toilet. The bathroom is a common place to fall because the surfaces are smooth and get slippery when wet.

#5: Use Elderly Care

Elderly care is one of the best things you can do to help prevent your parent from falling. Elderly care can help to keep the home clean and free of clutter. They can also help seniors to exercise more by going for walks with them, involving them in physical activities at home, or driving them to an exercise class.

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