5 Fun Activities Your Senior Can Try

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Group Of Senior Couples Attending Book Reading Group

Once a senior is past 65, they may start getting a few elderly tendencies they never had before. It can be hard to cope with as a senior, and it may lead to them wanting to find new activities to do. Not all seniors will be able to keep the same hobbies they had when they were 20. This can be a huge shock for many people. Some seniors start to forget about things here and there, maybe their bodies don’t work the same, or they can’t see. Whatever it is, it’s still essential to have some type of hobby or activity they love doing.

Finding enjoyable things to do is good for physical and mental health. The thought of participating in “senior” activities may not be all that enchanting, but there are tons of activities seniors enjoy that other young adults enjoy too. If you notice your senior parents not getting out as much as they should because they can’t drive much or see well, consider adding additional help at home, like elder care assistance.

These caregivers may help seniors find new activities and get to them much easier than on their own. Many seniors want to age in place but can’t keep up with aging challenges, which means elder care is the best solution. Next time you talk to your senior parents, recommend some of these activities that elder care might be able to help with.

Try Out Swimming

Swimming is not just a senior activity; this is something people of all ages can enjoy and can be done indoor or outdoor. Swimming is a low-impact, physically, mentally, and aerobically beneficial activity that anybody may enjoy. All you’d have to do is locate a heated indoor pool. One may be found in most large hotels, gyms, and recreational facilities.

Start a Book Club

Elder Care in Dulles VA
Elder Care in Dulles VA

Just because someone gets older doesn’t mean they lose their friend group. Starting a book group can be fun to enter a new world and then have something to talk about over a brunch date. It’s also a good way to meet new members of the community they live in.

YouTube Fitness Videos

There are tons of free fitness videos that can be a lot of fun to do. An elder care provider can be watching and helping a senior when necessary, ensuring they perform the skills safely.  They can try a Zumba class, yoga, Pilates, or anything else that might interest them in living healthier. As always, check with your senior’s doctor before starting any new exercise regimen.

Start a Family Tree

By doing genealogy work, a senior may start discovering things about their history they never even knew. This is the best way to look into a family line and then preserve that information in a fun way for their grandkids or other future generations.

Start a Blog

Many seniors are still capable of writing and typing and know so much more than we could ever imagine. Encourage your senior parents to start writing down what they can remember about their childhood or other life-changing events.

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