4 Ways to Help Your Elderly Loved One Enjoy Eating More

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Home Care in Ashburn VAPart of being a family caregiver to your elderly loved one is carefully scrutinizing her diet. Your loved one may have health conditions that limit her ability to enjoy meals or she may simply have a sluggish appetite. By digging deeper into the causes, you can find the right solution for your elderly loved one to hopefully help her to enjoy her meals quite a bit more.

Make Sure Her Utensils Are Right for Her

If your elderly loved one has health conditions such as arthritis, using the same utensils as everyone else at the table may be more than just difficult, it might be impossible. Pay attention to your loved one’s dexterity and to whether or not she’s able to easily use the utensils you’ve got available. Talk with her doctor or physical therapist about the types of utensils that might work better for her. The idea is to help foster independence in your elderly loved one rather than making her feel more dependent on everyone around her.

Include Regular Exercise as Part of Her Schedule

While you’re talking with your loved one’s doctor, make sure that you have the go ahead for an exercise plan. Regular exercise can help to stimulate your loved one’s appetite as well as helping her to strengthen her body. Make sure that you say within the guidelines provided by your loved one’s doctor, however, so that you don’t run the risk of injury or otherwise stressing your elderly loved one by including too much exercise.

Offer Lots of Healthy Snacks

Many times family caregivers think that limiting snacks is the better way to go when they want a loved one to eat healthier foods. In reality, if you’re offering healthy snacks, they can actually help your elderly loved one to get more of the nutrition that she needs. Take a look at your loved one’s dietary requirements and consider working with a dietitian. The dietitian can help you to determine how to include the healthiest snacks in your loved one’s diet.

Make Sure Your Loved One is Well Hydrated

Another layer that you might forget as a family caregiver is how important water can be. Being dehydrated can actually limit your loved one’s appetite, keeping her from eating as much as she really should or could. Make sure that you offer plenty of water during the day for your loved one and keep water on hand during meals. Your loved one might prefer another beverage as well, but make sure that the water is right there.

If your loved one is still not getting as much nutrition as you’d like, be sure to talk with her doctor about what other techniques you can try.


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