3 Tips for Healthier Aging

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As a family caregiver, you may have many things that you will be helping your elderly loved one with. Maybe, you take them to the doctor’s office, help them make meals, or remind them to take their medications. Helping in these ways is all great. However, there are also many tips for healthier aging that you can help your elderly loved one with, too.

Leaving Unhealthy Habits Behind

Just about everyone has at least one unhealthy habit. What unhealthy habits does your elderly loved one have? Maybe, they smoke cigarettes, eat junk food almost every day, drink a lot of caffeine, or bite their nails. These are just some unhealthy habits that your elderly loved one may be dealing with. No matter what one they have, leaving unhealthy habits behind can help people to live a better and healthier lifestyle.

Depending on which habit your elderly loved one has, you or an in-home care provider can look up ways for them to beat that habit. For example, if they eat junk food every day, you can help them to replace some of those foods with fruit. That way, they will be eating less junk food and eating more healthy food. The trick is to start small, so they can feel the goal is more achievable.

Exercising Each Day

In-Home Care in Dulles VA
In-Home Care in Dulles VA

It may seem like a lot for your elderly loved one to exercise every day. When most people think about exercising every day, they get overwhelmed. However, the exercise doesn’t have to be complex. In fact, some days your elderly loved one can just go on a 10-minute walk with you or one of their senior care providers. Other days they may want to work out at the local gym. You or one of the in-home care providers can help your elderly loved one to create a fitness routine. Try to help your elderly loved one achieve the goal of 120-150 minutes of moderate exercise weekly.

Sleeping Better

Research shows that getting quality sleep helps reduce heart health, brain health, and other general health issues. The problem is that many senior citizens don’t sleep well. They may wake up throughout the night or not fall asleep for a long time after going to bed.

How is your elderly loved one been sleeping recently? If they haven’t been sleeping well, it is time for them to make some changes. They may need to limit the caffeine they have each day, exercise earlier in the day, or make their room dark before going to bed. There are many different ways to boost sleep quality. Hopefully, one of these tips can help your elderly loved one to improve their sleep quality.


Now that you have these tips for healthier aging, you can let your elderly loved one know about them. They can use these tips to improve their lifestyle and their overall health.

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