3 Helpful Tips for a Family Caregiver to a Senior with Dementia

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Are you a dementia family caregiver? If so, you are likely struggling with so many things. It isn’t just a loss for your elderly loved one that they have this disease. You are losing the image of your elderly loved one from before the disease began. You need to ensure you are giving yourself the time needed to process what is happening. With that being said, there are some life-altering tips for any dementia caregiver. Knowing more about these tips can help you to handle the illness much better.

Learn More About Dementia

You will first need to learn more about dementia. You don’t have to let the research overtake your life. However, you should do some research on the disease. You should know the basics of what will happen to your elderly loved one. You should talk to your loved one’s doctor about their specific case. The more you know about dementia, the better you can grasp what is happening and what will happen.

Get Others Involved

You should also get others involved. You don’t need to try handling everything that is going on with your elderly loved one on your own. There are other people who can help with the financial, physical, and emotional troubles that will be faced with this disease. You can get other family members, friends, neighbors, and elder care providers involved. If needed, you can even talk to a therapist about what you and your elderly loved one are going through.

Let Go of Expectations

You may have expectations already about what will be happening with your elderly loved one. Just about everyone has expectations from things they have seen in movies or heard others go through. While some of that might be true, it is best to let go of those expectations. The sooner you can let go of your expectations, the sooner you can accept things as they happen. In addition, by letting go of those expectations, you can spend the time your elderly loved one has in better spirits.


These are some of the life-altering tips that any dementia family caregiver should have. Taking care of someone that has dementia is a tough thing to do. It is important to ensure that you are going at this with the best mindset. It is going to be difficult no matter what. However, with the right mindset, you can provide better care for your loved one. You can spend more time with them without expectations, as well. If, at any time, you have additional questions about your elderly loved one’s dementia case, be sure to talk to their doctor.


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