3 Benefits of Using Coconut Oil for Senior Skin Care

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Senior men and women may have sensitive skin now that they are much older. Not all seniors will have sensitive skin though, some may have rough and dry skin. The great news is, some natural products can help both skin types. It can be hard to find something without all of the added chemicals, and that is where DIY or do-it-yourself face masks with coconut oil come in handy. No matter what age someone is, having a skincare routine can be necessary for maintaining healthy skin.

As someone ages, they may start focusing more on other things, but the truth is that good skin will make someone feel younger and ensure their outer layer stays healthy. Your skin protects your body from outside chemicals, cuts and ensures your organs remain healthy too. Having nice skin is not just for looks it is crucial for a person. Coconut oil has been all the rage in the health and beauty community, and for a good reason. It can really help seniors feel younger, have a nice complexion, and also protect their skin from damage.

Home Care Assistance in Loudoun VA
Home Care Assistance in Loudoun VA

Coconut oil is a natural oil extracted from raw coconuts that offer a plethora of hair and skin advantages. Multiple studies have shown that virgin coconut oil has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties due to free fatty acids and monoglycerides. Additionally, it is capable of increasing human immune system performance. Next time your senior asks about skincare routines, mention using coconut oil.

Benefits of Coconut Oil On Elderly Skin

Not all seniors will have the time to make their own facemasks anymore. However, tons of store-bought face masks can work wonders on elderly skin. Help your seniors read the ingredients to ensure the main ingredient is coconut oil. Why? There are several benefits of coconut oil, and here they are.

Antimicrobial Activity

The lauric acid found in virgin coconut oil has antibacterial properties. This fatty acid may help our skin by inhibiting bacterial and fungal development. To get the most out of using coconut oil for skin, use extra virgin cold-pressed oil. Other extraction processes may increase undesirable elements that are potentially detrimental to your skin.

Battles Inflammation

Virgin coconut oil reduces inflammation but also relieves pain. If a senior has had inflamed skin, they may want to try a coconut oil mask to find out if it helps. It is super moisturizing and can be good for many skin types.

Helps Acne

If a senior has oily skin, no matter what age they are, coconut oil could help reduce the acne. While certain oils might aggravate acne, coconut oil is an exception. Because it doesn’t clog pores, it’s not an acne-prone ingredient. In fact, coconut oil may stop the bacterial development that causes acne.

How Home Care Assistance Can Help with Skin Care

Having some kind of routine will help a senior feel better about aging. Not all seniors will be able to maintain routine on their own but still, wish to age in place. To keep a senior from moving out of their homes, you may want to discuss finding home care assistance. These caregivers can help a senior maintain routines and maintain some independence. Home care assistance can be something that many seniors benefit from when they want to remain in place. Caregivers are people who can help the entire family feel less stressed and support a senior.

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